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We’re here to help you with selection, confidence, installation, and peace of mind all along your flooring installation journey.

Here at Legacy Flooring and Interiors, we know the value of being able to trust those who are working on your home and how much the finished product means to you. We cared so much about our own home remodeling projects that we eventually had enough inventory to begin a business. From flooring installation and cabinetry to home decorating and staging, we know your home remodel here in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area is no small undertaking. We also understand that this doesn’t mean any exceptions to your desire for the end result to be exceptional. We’re here to help you with selection, confidence, installation, and peace of mind all along your journey. And here’s how:

Flooring Installation in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

  • We have personally used many of the brands you will find in our showroom in our own homes. We search out top-rated suppliers and the best brands so that we know you will receive an end result you can rely on. We offer brands such as Shaw Flooring, Mohawk, Armstrong, and many more for the flooring installation in your home.
  • Come to our showroom and speak with us. We have first-hand experience in finding a great selection of brands at a range of costs for you to choose from. We’ve been working on construction projects for over 15 years in the Winston-Salem area, and we love serving this community. We’ve bought and sold many homes – doing the remodel work ourselves – so we know what it’s like to be in your shoes with a fixer-upper you want to make shine.
  • We specialize in professional flooring and cabinetry installation for your whole home. If you know what the use of the area is going to be and your intended budget for the project(s) you have in mind for your remodeling, we can help you get an end result you and your prospective buyers are going to love.
  • We want to give you not only confidence in your building material selection and with the flooring installation you’ll receive, but also in the life of the product and service after we’ve finished. We offer a six-month workmanship guarantee and manufacturer warranties, and we are insured.