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2020 Cabinet TrendsIf you plan on doing a kitchen or bathroom renovation, please don’t neglect the cabinets. Whether you paint them or replace them, there’s nothing worse than spending a lot of money on new countertops, backsplashes, floors, etc. to get the whole project done and realize the cabinets now look dingy and dated. At Legacy Flooring and Interiors in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we don’t see all-white kitchens ever going out of style, so if all else fails, go white. With the following tips, not only will you be stylish and trendy this year, but these ideas will also stay modern for years to come.

  • Design – Open shelving and open or glass cabinet frames are a hot trend for cabinets this year. So are hidden appliances, refrigerator and dishwasher panels, standout and apron front sinks, and the use of stone and copper. If you go with Shaker, slab, or transitional style cabinets, you will love the results.
  • Colors – Blue, especially navy, is taking center stage this year. However, white, two-toned, gray, and natural cabinets are still quite popular, too. Now if you’re afraid of a bold cabinet color, look up! In other words, paint the ceiling. Something simple like a faint blue is just enough to add the color needed. Also gaining in popularity is removable wallpaper. It’s a great way to add a pattern or pop of color, but when you’re ready for a change, no damage done– just peel it off.
  • Textures – Wood grain, glossy, and matte are all trending this year depending on your particular style. Like a rustic look? Go for the grain. Contemporary? Glossy, for sure. Just a classic, traditional style? Stick with matte.

Finally, here are a few extra tips for giving your renovation the facelift it deserves:

  • Deep drawers: When purchasing new cabinets, make space (literally) for deep drawers. These are the perfect solution for those larger bowls, pots, lids, and small appliances.
  • Multi-purpose island: Think of it as “the workhorse of the kitchen” a place that serves many purposes such as food prep, cooking (maybe you have a cooktop on the island) clean-up (install a sink on the island), eating casual meals, and a place for socializing, great conversation, homework & crafts.
  • Minimal hardware: In years past, the hardware has really been the focal point, but this year it’s taking a backseat and letting the cabinets do the talking. And while we’re talking metals, forget the matchy-matchy. Mix it up a little! If you use a matte black for cabinet hardware, maybe use a brass light fixture.
  • Countertops: Quartz is really becoming a popular choice for countertop selections because it’s a low-maintenance and affordable alternative to marble.

If you are ready to make your kitchen or bath look like 2020 instead of 2000, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help!