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Remodeling doesn’t have to be scary when you have our expert assistance!

Remodeling can be a tough job– especially if you aren’t working with the right people! Here at Legacy Flooring and Interiors, however, we find remodeling to be an enjoyable process that we love to share with our customers! Not only do we have many years of experience in completing our own remodels, but we can also help our customers by offering the best in materials that we use on our projects. We offer a variety of materials like cabinetry, flooring options and even design and staging, and we would love to show you the beautiful potential hiding within any fixer-upper in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area!

Remodeling in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Here at Legacy Flooring and Interiors, we want to help you through the remodeling process, whether it is your home that you want to renovate or a home that you need to renovate in order to sell. We can help find and install the materials that will best suit your lifestyle needs as well as your budgetary ones, while never trying to skimp on the quality of our materials. With a 6-month guarantee on our workmanship and every transaction being handled by the owners themselves, you can count on us at Legacy Flooring and Interiors to deliver on great remodeling work.

If you are struggling to find the right help and supplies for your remodeling work, we would love to talk with you here at Legacy Flooring and Interiors! We can help narrow down choices for you for a great overall design, as well as complete the physical labor. To learn more about how our team at Legacy Flooring and Interiors can help with your remodeling job big or small, please come and talk with us today!


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